About RGood Software

Robert Goodearl, President of RGood Software, has more than 30 years of experience designing and building high quality and high value software. His guiding philosophy is to create solutions that fit the business needs of a client. His practice is to stay on top of his field with regular exploration of new technologies through courses and seminars.

Staying Involved

Bob also keeps his focus on the client's business needs by involving himself in the region's small business community, and in both the regional and national technical community. He is currently a lead organizer of Boston Code Camp, a free community technical conference, which has become a key resource for the New England technical community.

"It's a way to stay in touch," he says, "to give something back, and to stay in contact with real world needs."

Bob's work as an organizer and sponsor of software development events also helps his clients. Bob firmly believes that a stronger development community not only benefits software professionals and their companies, but all companies with software needs in the Greater Boston area.

Delivering on Promises

Whether RGood Software is working with clients in the finance, energy management, IT support, or other industries, the company concentrates on the following areas:

  • Custom web sites that dynamically present data to visitors for them to use.
  • Custom web applications that improve business functionally while being easy and intuitive to use.

The bottom line at RGood Software is to work with the client to determine the right fit, the custom solution that meets business needs, and cost considerations. To carry out this task, Bob often assembles a team of professionals which may include usability designers, training personnel, and database experts.

Finally, Bob's job is to communicate with business stakeholders, staff, and end users in order to get that right fit. He molds their needs and ideas into a deliverable design for a highly usable application. RGood Software delivers solutions that businesses want and need.

* * * * *

Bob has an ongoing interest in photography and music. Samples of his photographic work can be seen at photo.rgood.net. His a cappella group, The Conchords, can be found at www.theconchords.us.