Custom Web Sites and Web Applications

Listening. Defining a client's needs. Listening.

At RGood Software, we know that custom software that fits a client's business needs begins with the act of paying attention. Close attention. We build custom web sites and web applications based on the realities of your business. We work with you to determine exactly what business issues need to be addressed. Then, we act as your guide in making critical decisions about the choice of technology and tools. Together, we approach ideas and design, as well as the project schedule and budget.

And we don't stop there.

RGood Software implements the entire project right through to the final troubleshooting. In short, you get the right fit, the application you need up and running. Your problem has been solved because we are with you through the whole process.

We build a team.

In order to stay agile and build effective solutions, RGood Software calls upon partners to form project teams as needed. The precise set of skills needed for your project. That could be a usability designer or tester, graphic designers, database experts, and training personnel. Teams make RGood Software as knowledgeable and capable as any larger software development firm. The difference is that our focus is on you and the solutions that fit just you, not some generic company.

Take the next step.

Give us a call, or send us an email, when you want to talk about custom web solutions that fit your business needs. Because, remember, we listen.

Questions Heard;

Problems Solved

You know you need help when:

  • Customers are grumbling, looking for real-time data
  • Staff spending too much time on phone, answering simple questions
  • Paper is burying your company
  • Content on your web site is not updated dynamically
  • Your Content Management System doesn't fit your needs and you require a custom solution.

What do you do? You're not an expert. Where do you start? What tools do you use? Is Microsoft the answer?

At RGood Software, we have helped clients like you.

Or maybe you are an expert. But, you don't have time or staff to sort out the alternatives.

At RGood Software, we have helped clients like you.

Community Event

Code Camp

the community-based (un)-conference

Engage, Sample, and Cross-Pollinate

November 19, 2016

Microsoft New England (aka N.E.R.D.), Cambridge, MA

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